School Philosophy

The age appropriate play-based programs offer children an opportunity to grow socially, intellectually, and emotionally. The children learn to make social contacts in groups -- small and large, supervised and informal. Children learn to develop initiative and leadership and to respect themselves and others. They learn to cooperate, to take turns, to share, to verbalize their feelings. They learn appropriate behavior, and to respect the rights of other children. 

At CPNS, children have a chance to explore the world around them through hands-on experience. A wide variety of materials and activities are provided for this purpose: painting, drawing and cutting to improve fine motor skills and express creativity; playground and climbing structures to define and exercise large muscles; puzzles and small toys to develop small muscles and coordination; blocks and housekeeping areas to provide occasions for replaying life situations; music, arts, and handicraft facilities to provide a base of aesthetic and cultural experience. In addition to all of this, there are special activities -- cooking projects, science projects, field trips, interesting visitors, etc. -- to further broaden each child's range of experience.

Through the Helping Parent aspect of the program, children develop open, happy relationships with other adults without becoming overly dependent on them. Our children grow and enjoy their educational experience at the Little Red School House so that they are prepared to be lifelong learners.

CPNS offers parents the opportunity to show their child how important education is by being personally involved in that education. Many parents come to know their own child better. Seeing children in a group of peers helps parents to understand and to interpret behavior. Parents can become aware of their child's growth and development. Sharing time with other families at CPNS functions can help parents develop new ways of handling situations and solving problems at home. Parents can learn of new and enriching experiences for their children and can contribute ideas of their own for the benefit of other parents. You will observe new ways in which your child is unique and special!

CPNS is also a  growth experience for parents. Our parents bring a broad spectrum of backgrounds to the school. Each contributes their own particular skills, talents or enthusiasm to our committees and events. They develop new friendships and often have new experiences. Parents give of their time, energy, and talents to make this cooperative program successful. In return, they will find that it is well worth the effort!