School Curriculum

Our program provides a continually changing and enriching environment to support learning and creativity in each child. The primary goal is to help the child use his/her environment productively.

We 'teach' by showing interest and by preparing the environment to encourage curiosity. Children learn by doing and by finding out 'why.' We facilitate their interests.

Children need to feel comfortable in their environment while learning. You may want to send your child to school in play clothes that can be washed. We want the children to be free to experiment with a variety of materials: finger paints, watercolors, paints, play dough, etc. Rubber soles on shoes, or preferably sneakers, are desirable for their safety inside as well as outside.

You, as parent helpers, are a vital part of our curriculum. As you share your experiences and your unique qualities, we all benefit. You will become actively involved in all aspects of our daily routine. Your hands-on learning will enrich you as well as your child. By participating, you will see for yourself how the teacher interacts with the children to promote learning and growth. You will gain first hand knowledge about the curriculum and how it is implemented.

The typical daily classroom routine consists of:

  • Arrival - Welcome, children choose an activity, socialize
  • Group Activities - Games, toys, discovery, art experience, cooking project
  • Clean up - A sing-a-long group clean-up
  • Group time - Music, dancing, stories, finger plays
  • Snack - Nutritious snack brought by each child (We have a nut free policy)
  • Library time - Quiet time for reading favorite storybooks or doing puzzles
  • Outside play - Fall, winter and spring, weather permitting